We believe that our timeless garments should pass through generations of women and help them built significant stories for themselves. With this philosophy in mind, AUGUSTA first instructs clients to reduce machine temperature and to choose detergents that are water-friendly, plant and mineral based, and of course, animal-free of tests. Although it may sound exaggerated for some standards, our tips have been used from very antique times and are still recommended by the very best tailors in London to treat their finest pieces.


There are already plenty certified biodegradable brands available in the market. If you can’t find any of those, try the all-time favourite Coconut soap, a natural antibacterial and mild detergent. If necessary, 1 or 2 spoons of diluted Sodium bicarbonate is a great ally for difficult stains. A cup of Lemon juice (Citric Acid) in the batch will brightens and annihilates all odours. Make-up, yellow stains or cigarette smell after a party? Let a 1-to-1 mix of Vinegar and water sit for 30’ before you wash your garment. For an extra beautiful scent, some natural lavender essence drops in your washing machine or bucket will do the magic.


Harsh chemicals like Phosphates (used to cheapen costs and increase efficiency), Chlorine (specially skin-menacing when chemically combined with conditioners) and Sodium perborate (which in contact with water produces Hydrogen peroxide) and not be forgotten the artificial fragrances and silicons – most present in mainstream brands – not only contaminate waters and other living-beings and are absorbed by our skin (our biggest organ), but also damage the textile fibres with false and immediate promises of care. Additionally, we adhered the CleverCare label – an online infographic created to instruct a maintenance in an environmentally conscious way.

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